iRecruter is your one stop mobile recruitment platform for end to end high value recruitment. Adopt the only platform to cover 100% of value-added recruiting. Remove all hassle and validate your time with the iRecruter suite of offerings. Our video interview features are designed to execute and deliver candidate outreach programs at a fraction of the cost & time.

Mobile Flexibility

Access, shortlist, validate and select the right candidate.

Minutes in your pocket

Seamlessly adopt time-saving recruitment flows.

Personalize Employer Branding

Engage Gen-Y with the how’s and why’s of working with you.

Enhanced Decision Making

Simple & systematic interview processes to always deliver right.

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Making The Best Connections

Engage Gen-Y candidates in a cool, new way that makes recruiting fun and engaging for both you and the candidate. Inviting potential hires is just a click away.

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Strip away Primitiveness

Build up company experiences with hassle free and curated recruitment over mobile.

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Positive Interview experiences assured

Leave candidates with the right company experience and forward looking vision.

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Instant Application Updation

No more waiting. Receive immediate application status updates.

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App SAAS Mobile Recruitment Video interview Human Resources Hiring Candidate

Hire Right